A Guide to Staffing Your Own Lettings

At Vivify, we’re here to work with you every step of the way, that includes helping you find the perfect team members. We offer a full recruitment pack that includes everything you need to recruit the right candidate. We're excited to search for the ideal employee with you.

Our focus is to help you find a local candidate that ticks all of your boxes. The Vivify Support Pack helps you decide what those boxes are.

How Vivify Can Help 

The hunt for the right employee can be challenging, and also daunting for someone new to the recruitment of casual employees.  

We have asked our experienced recruiters to put together a ‘need to know’ online course to help you out!  We have also created templates for Job Adverts, Job Descriptions, Application Forms, Group Interview Scenario Exercise and Example Interview Questions.  

If you’d like editable copies of the materials referenced then please get in touch at hello@vivifyvenues.com and we will be happy to send them over - no strings attached! 

Our Top Tips

At Vivify, we prefer to think of the interviewing process as a mutual information sharing session, rather than a test.  Both the interviewer and interviewee need to feel comfortable, and gather enough information to decide if the pairing is the right fit. 

  • We believe in hiring for attitude.  Skills are very important, but aren’t the only important thing.  You can teach and develop someone’s skill set, but a candidate with the wrong attitude is hard to change.

  • It’s not just about their working history.  An Interview is a great opportunity to get to know the candidate, and see how open they are, even if the topic is their hobbies and family rather than their skill set or experience. 

  • Be sure to check their knowledge of your services.  Customer-facing employees must have a thorough knowledge of how your community lettings work.

  • Confidence may not technically be a skill, but it is fundamental to providing market-leading customer service.

Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, it’s important to give them the right training and induct them into your business.

  • Beyond learning their way around the venue and facilities, your staff also need an in-depth understanding of customer satisfaction, procedures, site tours and basic health & safety

  • A solid foundation of knowledge is what allows your team to efficiently deliver the best solutions when customers have issues. Does that mean you need every team member to be an expert in every area of your business? No, but you do need to provide sufficient training so that every employee knows how to quickly provide answers, resources and solutions

  • Encourage team work by introducing your new employee to their colleagues and showing them where to find support if they need it. 

  • We have also put together some guidance on coronavirus training for staff.  You’ll find all the details of it in our blog post on reopening your facilities. 

If managing casual employees is new to you, we recommend appointing a community lettings team leader; someone to do the rotas and help upskill staff.  This will minimise your workload and make your team more self-sufficient. 

Not Keen on Hiring Employees? We Can Help. 

We have great relationships with regional and national agencies who can either recruit on your behalf or work with you to find the perfect team to welcome hirers onsite at your venue. They already provide cleaners and caretakers across the UK from £12ph, making it affordable and easy.

They will ensure that any last-minute shifts or changes are covered. We can even provide their team with a log in to the booking system so they can facilitate upcoming shifts & take care of the rota.

They also take care of the temporary employees’ onboarding paperwork, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and employment benefits.

The agreement is between the venue and the agency, but our selected partners understand what it takes to facilitate community lettings and our staffing solution can be shaped to fit specific requirements. There is no minimum term and you can agree payment terms directly with them.

If you think your venue could benefit from partnering with one of our staffing agencies, get in touch at hello@vivifyvenues.com and we’d be happy to introduce you.

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