How hiring out your school’s facilities could help you generate £70,000

With increasing financial pressures, more and more schools are struggling to set budgets without falling into deficit. Rather than having to trim already limited budgets, Vivify are here to help schools utilise their facilities to generate more funding for teachers, equipment and other important school improvements.

Many schools are unaware of just how valuable their facilities are financially or how to go about hiring out these spaces. This is where school letting experts, such as ourselves, can help. From our team’s experience of working with over 300 schools, we know that schools generate an average of £70,000 per year from hiring out their facilities to the community, with 1 in 7 achieving over £100,000.

Below is a breakdown of the average annual revenue that a school can generate from its facilities.  


Average annual revenue

Floodlit Artificial Pitch


Swimming Pool




Sports Hall




Floodlit Multi-Use Games Area


Dance Studio


Main Hall


Dining Room


Grass Pitches


Here at Vivify, we want schools to continue to change people’s lives, and we believe the best way we can help them achieve this, is to help them maximise their funding. That is why we offer free consultations to any schools who want to find out more.

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Whether or not you currently hire out your facilities to the community, we would like to offer you our expert services free of charge to provide you an in-depth report which includes:

  • A review of your facilities & suggested improvements.

  • Financial analysis of your current or previous performance.

  • Analysis of your potential facility utilisation & mapping opportunities.

  • A competitor benchmark review & recommended pricing.

  • Identifying new potential hirer groups to forecast a revenue target.

  • A review of your operation procedures such as staffing structure, staff training, safeguarding, health & safety and hirer contractual agreements.

  • Review your payments process including payment methods, terms, debt management, VAT calculation & invoicing.

  • Research any possible funding opportunities to improve your facilities.

  • Recommendations to improve efficiencies, revenue & community engagement.

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