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It’s time to be more open.

If you’ve got a venue - from a school field to a church hall - the chances are that it’s unused a lot of the time.

Which is a shame, because so many clubs, societies and friendship groups in your community need somewhere to meet.

Vivify helps turn each venue into meaningful revenue; at the same time as reducing the inactivity and loneliness that’s so detrimental and costly to our society.

Why choose Vivify?

Here’s 15 reasons why Vivify stands apart...

  • We provide a full, paid marketing strategy including a range of digital ads on Google, social media and other websites.
  • Our investors provide us with funding to make us secure, and blue chip experience to keep us successful.
  • Our booking platform is totally bespoke, making it the best in the business for venue booking.
  • Our operations team offer you all the advice you need, on everything from risk assessments to recruitment.
  • Our world class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system drives leads, conversions and retention
  • We provide PR coverage in your area, focused on good news stories in your community.
  • Our finance team manages everything from payments to debt management and ring fences your income at all times.
  • Our sales team is pro-active and permanently focused on driving new bookings for you.
  • The team behind our booking system has developed systems for everyone from NASA to the MoD.
  • Decades in the leisure industry have given us contacts and partnerships at a national level.
  • The unlimited reporting capabilities of our system identify useful trends and enable data-driven decisions.
  • Our dedicated contact centre is here to help you whenever your venue is open, 24/7.
  • 5% of our profits will be given back to your local community.
  • We provide full VAT transparency and compliance, to protect you from errors
  • You don’t even have to invoice us: we pay you automatically every month.

Your in-house partner who saves you time

We take away the headache of all the little daily tasks that add up to many hours that take your team away from their main priorities. Our contact centre is open 24/7 for your team and hirers to contact us, so no calls will ever be missed. Here is what a typical day in the life of the Vivify team looks like...

  • Comparing competitor’s pricing
  • Identifying potential local hirers
  • Communicating with regional & national partners
  • Mapping of booking slots
  • Utilisation of unused slots
  • Upselling to hirers
  • Reaching out to previous hirers
  • Creating bespoke proposals for events
  • Setting up & managing Google ads
  • Designing & running retargeting ads
  • Email campaigns to current & new hirers
  • Identifying local stories to share on social media & the blog
  • Liaising with agency on press releases
  • Running social media adverts
  • Tweaking the website to boost performance in Google
  • Creating engaging video content
  • Reaching out to influencers to amplify exposure for the venue
  • Analysing data to identify opportunities
Customer Service
  • Speaking with hirers via phone, live chat & email
  • Liaising with your ops & maintenance team on any issues
  • Using daily reports to contact hirers who’s booking may be an event
  • Chasing PLI certificates & other documents required
  • Resolving any complaints
  • Proactive feedback calls
  • Logging every single contact on our Customer Relationship Management software
  • Using a super smart telephone system which is integrated with our CRM so we know who is calling before we even answer the phone!
  • Invoicing
  • Processing payments
  • VAT calculations
  • Debt management
  • Taking offline payments
  • Banking
  • Automated venue payments
  • Reconciliation of payments & revenue recognition
  • Generating revenue reports
Operations & HR
  • Monitoring performance
  • Using data to identify revenue opportunities
  • Analysing trends & areas for improvement
  • Venue meetings
  • Liaising with staffing agencies
  • Assisting venues with lettings recruitment
  • Health & Safety
  • Covid-19 training & procedures

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Step 1

We’ll prepare a bespoke proposal for you to review, along with our T&C’s - if you wish to proceed we can then produce a contract.

Step 2

Say hello with an onboarding video call, where we’ll gather all the info we need about your facilities and anything you want to see from hirers, such as PLI certificate, risk assessments or agreeing to your Covid-19 procedures.

Step 3

After learning your objectives, we’ll put together a strategy for your venue with each of our departments and agree facility pricing with you.

Step 4

We’ll map out your booking slots and get in touch with your current hirers, whilst reaching out to new ones.

Step 5

We’ll provide you with any operational support such as recruitment and training of staff, safeguarding and signing in sheets.

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