Making a Difference in the Somalian Community in Birmingham: Meet Dream Chaser Youth Club

Dream Chaser Youth Club is a voluntary and non-profit organisation that provides a place where young people can come together to socialise in a friendly, safe, and accessible environment. 

We caught up with Asha, founder and director, who was moved by the lack of opportunities for the youth in the community and was encouraged to start this charity. The club supports young people to chase their dreams, integrate into a pressured society, and establish themselves as respectable driven members of the community. In the words of Asha: 

“It’s very difficult because they don’t know where to go if they have issues, or whom to speak to. When they come to us, you can see their self-esteem is low. We try to build their confidence and help them realise who they are as a person.”

Established in 2016, Dream Chaser Youth Club believes that anyone should be given the opportunity to access their services, so everyone is welcome.  

“At Dream Chaser, we are making a massive difference in the life of the youth, and also the whole community. We have dads, we have mums. During the day, we provide advice and guidance, and during the evening we have sports activities, which are football and basketball.”

Besides providing mentoring and mental health support, the club currently offers football, netball, and basketball sessions every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Their Sunday afternoon football session at Eden Boys Academy in Birmingham is for women only, and is particularly joined by young Somalian girls, who in the words of Asha, say:

“It’s the only activity they have during the whole week.”

Asha shares her passion for coaching her club members, who mostly come from disadvantaged backgrounds: 

“My girls are good to me, they are amazing. They are united and care for each other. That makes me want to do every day what I’m doing now.”

Watch the video now to get inspired! 

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